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Rep Hogan brings much needed revenue home for our district and the town of Hudson.

Sponsored or Co-sponsored passed legislation that:

  • Increases Chapter 70 for school aid to municipalities by $120 million over last year
  • Adds an additional $80 million to the Special Education Circuit Breaker
  • Would establish standards to protect 100,000 loan borrowers from unnecessary foreclosures
  • Adds $10 million for Adult Day Health services
  • Restores $1 million for Elder Protective Services & $350,000 for the Council on Aging
  • Designates $1 million for higher education scholarships
  • Adds $3.9 million for energy and environmental affairs
  • Provides $2.5 million for Early Intervention Services

Rep Hogan works for job creation:

  • 2012 Economic Development Bill passed by legislature aimed at increasing infrastructure investments, streamlining the permit process, facilitating expansion of new and existing businesses, and training our workforce for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century
  • Small Business saved from unnecessary Premium Payments by reducing "fair share" assessments by not counting employees who already have qualifying insurance coverage from a spouse, parent, veterans' plan, Medicare, Medicaid, or a plan tied to disability or retirement against their head count for required employee insurance.

In conjunction with the Patrick Administration and local business groups, I requested a State Hearing to be hosted in Hudson this fall, to present testimony from small business owners on what can be done to assist certain sectors, create opportunities, and identify ways to further streamline permit process.

Rep Hogan understands: FIX the Roads & Bridges: Chapter 90 and the Transportation Bond Bill

  • Hogan's amendment to the Transportation Bond Bill secured $345,000 for the design phase of the Cox Street Bridge in Hudson. This is an important project for the town because of its location near public safety facilities.
  • First Regional TRANSPORTATION SUMMIT: Rep Hogan hosted the Assabet Valley Transportation Summit to discuss the public transportation needs of the region with a focus on the 3rd Middlesex District, which includes Bolton, Hudson, Maynard and Stow. This meeting of stakeholders was a necessary first step for our towns, regional planning agencies, and legislators to focus on the transportation needs of our communities.

Rep Hogan believes in Public Higher Education for all:

The budget also calls for increased oversight of community colleges, incorporating input from industry officials and vocational-technical schools to ensure they are best equipped to adapt to the changing job opportunities in the Commonwealth.

Rep Hogan supports our Veterans:

The Valor Act expands educational and housing opportunities, promotes critical services and continues to enhance the quality of life for veterans in our Commonwealth.

Rep Hogan protects our Senior Citizens:

Representative Hogan Co-Chairs the Elder Caucus which works with legislators through-out the budget process to ensure senior programs are protected. Rep Hogan has also sponsored or co-sponsored legislation important to seniors with the following results:.

  • Increased funding for Councils on Aging
  • Added $10 million for Adult Day Health Services
  • Restored $1 million for Elder Protective Services

Study from the Subcommittee on Double Pole Removal

Click here to read the report
Click here to read the legislation.

Grossman Announces New $1,000 Denomination "Build Mass Bonds"

Lower Minimum Makes Investment in the Commonwealth Available to More People

State Treasurer Steven Grossman today announced the upcoming availability of the new $1,000 Build Mass Bonds, a smaller denomination that will make an investment in the Commonwealth's infrastructure accessible to more individuals. A $1,000 Massachusetts bond has not been offered to investors in more than two decades.

Click here to read the full press release.

More Legislation To Be Proud Of…

Ethics & Campaign Finance Reform
–this package of reforms seriously tightened the ethics and lobbying laws for state officials. It changes the definition of a lobbyist, changes reporting requirements for both lobbyists and public officials, and makes it both more costly and more difficult to break these rules. These are the strongest ethics and reporting laws in the country.

Transportation Reform

—the house transportation reform package takes several important steps towards fixing our broken transportation system. It abolishes the Turnpike Authority and consolidates it with a new, centralized transportation agency to eliminate duplication of administrative functions. It cuts costs in all levels of bureaucracy of the transportation infrastructure. And it reforms the MBTA pension system to make it more efficient.

Pension Reform
—this package of reforms eliminates the biggest loopholes in the current pension plan. Most notably, it abolishes the so-called “23 and out” plan, eliminates the possibility of receiving a year of creditable service for a single day served in a calendar year, and it assures transparency in any future changes to pension laws.

Update on Recent Budget Debate:

In March I took part in the house budget process & debate as a new legislator.

-As a leader on elder issues I was able to actively participate in the give and take of budget negotiations and learned a great deal that was helpful in both securing present & future funding.

- I made my “maiden speech” on the importance of funding public libraries. A maiden speech is the first speech made by a State Representative and is given on a topic close to the legislator’s heart. Public Libraries - the great equalizers of our society - are certainly close to mine. Watch on You Tube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkIMGN-PltA

Legislative Focus & Priorities Going Forward

Help to create jobs & economic development opportunities in our district and state.

Foster small business success in our communities.

Maintain sustainable funding levels for local aid & chapter 70 funding

Work to secure more funding for regional school transportation.

Get our region’s fair share of federal stimulus dollars.

Fight to make our state government more transparent.

Insure investment in green infrastructure and technology

Bring together stake holders across town lines to discuss issues of primary importance to the future of our district: local economy, eduction, green investments, public transportation, affordable housing, regionalization, jobs, economic development, and fixing our roads & bridges.

And I will continue to fight for those most vulnerable in these tough economic times.

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