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About Representative Hogan

Kate Hogan represents the towns of Bolton, Hudson, Maynard, and Stow. At the State House, Representative Hogan serves as vice chair of Telecommunications, Utility, and Energy as well as the Joint Committee on Community Development and Small Business. Kate is Co-chair of the Elder Caucus - a bipartisan committee which works directly with state wide advocates to address senior issues. She also serves as Chair of the Public Library Caucus which advocates for our local public libraries across our state.

Representative Hogan brings over 25 years of experience in small business, public, and community service to her job as a legislator. Representative Hogan continues to bring a deep commitment to providing resources for seniors in her communities, assistance to returning veterans, and the opportunity for a comprehensive education for all the children in her district and state. Kate has also been a strong supporter of education and local and state efforts to create a healthy environment and protect what is special about our small New England towns for the next generation.

Committees on which Representative Hogan serves:

In the House of Representatives, Representative Kate Hogan serves as:

  • Vice-Chair on the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy;
  • The Joint Committee on Small Business;
  • Co-chairs the Elder Caucus; and serves as
  • Chair of the Public Library Caucus of the Massachusetts Legislature.

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